SUPERFIT / Gypsy Geometric Pink / Short Length / Low Waist

R 999.95

Strong and Resilient SUPERFIT material is thick but perfectly porous allowing the skin to breath well during training and fitness. Material is resistant to water marks and damp and is completely opaque.

The SUPERFIT range has been designed to shape the body in the same way that the WR.UP technology does, it is made to hug and hold your body and therefore may be a tight fit.

Our summer range is short three quarter length, this length will reach bellow your knee, between 10-20 cm on average.

This product should be cared for according to the Freddy Product washing instructions which applies to all garments:


No Fabric Softener

No Machine Wash / Dry

No Washing Line Pegs

No Direct Sun

No Iron

Only Cold Wash and Hand Wash

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