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The WR.UP® pants are made of a unique highly-stretchy fabric that makes them more comfortable but also more delicate. When you wear the WR.UP® pants remember to always unzip and unbutton them, then unroll them up your legs as if they were stockings.

WR.UP® Denim are made with a special cotton jersey fabric that looks just like denim, but allows you to wear them with the softness and comfort of jersey pants. Also, the 100% bi-elastic fabric improves their fit and makes them more durable.

All WR.UP® models can slightly differ in fit depending on the season, material and cut. Based on the material composition and on the treatments, they can be more or less close-fitting, giving different feelings when worn. The softest are WR.UP® in stretchy cotton in the basic colors.

Make sure you choose the right size, so that the WR.UP® pants can enhance your curves.

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your hips and buttocks.

Then pull the two ends together without stretching the tape and look at the chart for the size that matches your measurement.

The WR.UP® pants are available in 4 versions: low, regular, medium, and high rise.

The fifth letter of the product should correspond to the rise. For example, WRUP1LXXX indicates low rise pants.

Superskinny pants are narrower down the legs and also 2 cm shorter than the traditional Skinny pants. In the portion from knee to ankle, WR.UP® Super skinny are much tighter.

WR.UP® 7/8 means a fit which is about 11 cm shorter than the traditional Skinny fit. WR.UP® 7/8 end just above the ankle.

All the WR.UP® pants are manufactured using the Shaping Technology which, thanks to the silicone band around the waistline, keeps the pants up and in place, while shaping and sculpting your hips.

Almost all the WR.UP® pants can be put in the washer on delicate cycle at a max temperature of 30°C.

Some models with special treatments, such as those in faux leather, have to be hand washed. Always refer to the washing instructions written on the inside label.

The WR.UP® pants cannot be bleached, tumble dried, ironed or dry cleaned.

No. The silicone band is thin and designed to make them as comfortable as any other stretch jersey pants. The inside band around the waistline keeps the pants in place, increasing the feeling of comfort.