FREDDY BEFORE AND AFTER June 29, 2015 17:26

Ever wonder what the hype is all about? Let us show you how a pair of Freddy Jean can transform your look with new WRUP Technology!


Freddy feels no woman should be deprived of showing off her figure: a firm and proudly upright rear end is our goal.

In the spirit of all things curvy and gorgeous, Freddy is proud to announce the recent opening of our new unique concept Freddy Pant Room in the newly renovated Bryanston Shopping Centre.

This concept store is the first of its kind in the world. The store features state of the art lighting and a unique “rolled up” merchandising style for our Freddy WR.UP pants. The store design was created in Italy with the latest European “feel-good” concepts in mind. The store has soft and inviting lighting and a very unique fragrance that excites the senses. On arrival you can expect a warm welcome, free in-house styling advise and helpful staff. The store houses the WR.UP range of denim, trousers and exercise wear in sizes XS – L.

3PRO BALLERINA is the result of the fusion between our heritage and our 3 main Patent Technologies. March 06, 2015 14:52


As you may know Freddy’s history started with the production of ballet and dance footwear back in 1976 and still today our brand DNA is highly connected to the  dance world, so it became almost obvious to us when thinking of a product that could represent Freddy in the most natural way to visualize the ballerina silhouette.


It was very clear to us from the beginning that the market was saturated with Ballerina’s and that to enter a sector so difficult as Footwear we needed to enrich our project with a unique selling point and this is where our patent technologies take place. Our objective was to create a ballerina not only beautiful aesthetically but also incredibly comfortable and this was only possible using our 3 worldwide patented technologies:


  • 3PRO (Three Piece Outsole)

This innovative and patented system had a specially designed sole which is divided not only between the “heel” and “ball” of your foot but also between the “metatarsal" and phalange “area” giving complete freedom and natural movement to the foot.


  • ITS (Impact Technology System)

This patented system is based on an elementary and original concept; In cases of impact most of the athletes weight is discharged on a small part of the foot, exactly below the heel which we have designed in “U” shape leaving a gap in the middle between each side, during impact the discharge of pressure on to the two sidewalls causes the impact to be absorbed through the middle and stabilized thanks to the highly resistant Tpu Bridge, This solution and the particular patented shape of the sole in the area of the heel has made it possible to use a material with a softer density than traditional footwear but still maintain structure.


  • D.I.W.O (Dry In Wet Out 

Thanks to the careful construction and particular treatment, this elasticized fabric offers the unique characteristics of transporting body sweat from the inside to the outside. This technology which was originally developed for the Freddy Garments has been adopted also by Footwear where we have engineered a special made material to give the feeling and structure of neoprene with the characteristics of a cotton based material resulting in high breathability and quickdry.



Although this may not be part of our patented technologies it is extremely important to acknowledge the insert of the memoryfoam sock which by adapting itself to each foot gives the instant feeling of pleasure and comfort



Last but not least we believe that the difference made with 3pro Ballerina is the attention to detail which was applied during the research and development process. This can been seen by little adjustments and additions such as the “heel tounge” which protects the tendon nerve from being in direct contact with the heel edge avoiding blistering and in some cases swelling.